external image MR900284002.gifDigital Citizenship external image MR900284002.gif***finger_up.JPGRespect and take good care of all equipment. Treat them with TLC (Tender Loving Care). For example, carry a laptop with 2 hands.*finger_up.JPGBe positive and kind. Give constructive criticism: "Perhaps you should consider..." Refrain from making insults or using inappropriate language. Type only what you would be willing to say to someone's face.* finger_up.JPGGive credit (cite the source) for anything that you take from the web or a book.**finger_up.JPGOnly use the "search" for topics of which your parents or your teacher would approve.**finger_up.JPGOnly go to pre-approved websites. See your parents or teachers for approval.**finger_up.JPGCooperate with your group. Use collaboration techniques and strategies. Reach consensus. Work together.**finger_up.JPGBe responsible. Fooling around causes equipment damage, loss of valuable time, and distracts you and your neighbors. Use excellent "Beverly Bobcat Behavior."**finger_up.JPGKeep your password to yourself. Refrain from trying to find out someone's password.**finger_up.JPGKeep all personal information (like last name, birthdate, phone #, address, sports team, city, etc.) to yourself. **finger_up.JPGPay attention to your teacher's directions.

Use your Beverly Bobcat Behavior:
  • Respect all fellow human beings and respect all equipment.
  • Be responsible and choose wisely.
  • Cooperate with your team members and your teacher.
  • Be courteous and kind.